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Here at Realty Standard we have one very specific goal; to make real estate simple.

We deliver a service at a value that creates an experience our clients are excited about.

Initial Consultation

We start by first meeting to understand what is most important to you. Whether it is find a community to meet your family's needs or neighborhood that is condusive to your lifestyle...Once we learn what is important to you we will them utlize our neighborhood knowledge and data to find your perfect home.



We will then take you on a property tour showcasing your favorite homes and listening to your feedback.


Valuing, Offer & Negotiations

Once you decide on a property, we'll prepare an accurate, in-depth analysis to ensure you know the real fair market value of the home. This allows you to make the most informed decision possible and have a strong negotiating edge.


Your agent will coordinate signing of a contract, monitor inspections & appraisal, & manage the closing process on yoru bhalf between all parties. We are confident you will feel relaxed throughout the process ensuring you a pleasurable home buying experience.


We've taken the "think" out of the home-buying process.
We provide you with the advice, knowledge, & data you need to buy a home successfully.

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I had some very difficult glitches to overcome and Dominick stuck with it and got through all of them. He kept in communication at all times to make sure I had proper lead time to react and complete stages needed.

Don Hudson

Listed & Sold my House in a short Period of time. Very Professional. I would recommend Dominick & use him again to sell or list my house, Thank you Giovanni



Dominick was the best realtor I've done business with. He's very puntcual with everything and has extremely well taste when it comes to the right locations and properties. I highly recommend.


Michael Johnson

Called Dominick out of the blue, met with him and from the start he was very knowledgeable, helpful, told me what to expect. The whole process was completed in the time he estimated, he was very proactive and resolved a few minor issues very professionally. I was very pleased with the result and will continue working with Dominick in the future.

Juan McNamara

Dominick was spot on! Always available, consistently got back to me and handled his business in a calm, professional and smart way. I have many years experience in real estate and when it came to the art of the negotiation, that is where Dominick really shined. Together we obtained the highest possible figure for the property!



As can be seen by my star ratings I found Mr.Rivera's work outstanding.He was knowledgeable and professional during all aspects of the selling process.This was particularly important since we do not reside in Florida and he had to be our representative on the ground.Like all home sales issues came up and he handled them well.His efforts on our behalf were outstanding and much appreciated.


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